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Company Profile
TCV, a company founded in fall of 1987 by a cordial, enthusiastic and energetic team, is trying to become the worldwide leading brand as its lofty ideal and to make a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment as its ultimate target by taking production of valves as its foundation.
Gaseous-state and liquid-state control valves as well as dust/grain-processing valves and allied equipment are its principal products.

The Company is supplying its products to OME - a famous brand in Japan. Meanwhile, the Company has launched upon development of dense phase pneumatic conveying system since 1998.
The Company has, through unceasing innovation, research & development and test, won high praise from its clients, which include chemical sector, environmental protection engineering sector, hi-tech sector, food sector, steel sector, biologic technology sector, pharmaceutical sector and power-generating sector.

As the rapid growing and development of China market, the Company cooperates closely in technical, production and commercial with GEC in 2002 to introduce first-rate products and services into Chinese markets.
To become the leading manufacturer in China is our medium-term goal.
In the meantime, the Company sincerely hopes to reach new summit together with all of you in the near future.

Brief History

  • Oct. 1987: Foundation Luchou, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Feb. 1990: Expansion Luchou, Taipei, Taiwan (Plant II).
  • Dec. 1992: Acquisition Land for I-Lan Plant, Taiwan for an area approximately 3,500 M3.
  • Oct. 1993: Acquisition Office at Sanchung City, Taipei, for an area approximately 300 M3.
  • Dec. 1993: Removal Plant II at Luchou, Taipei, Taiwan was removed to I-Lan.
  • Jan. 1994: Service South Taiwan Service Center was set up in Tainan.
  • Jan. 1995: QA Started promoting certification of ISO-9002.
  • Feb. 1996: Removal Plant and factory at Luchou, Taipei were combined at Wuku, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Feb. 1997: Certification Obtained ISO-9002 Certification.
  • Oct. 1997: Acquisition Land for Yangmei Plant for an area approximately 5,200 M3.
  • Feb. 1999: QA Purchased three-dimensional measuring apparatus.
  • Oct. 1999: Dedication Yangmei Plant, Taoyuan, Taiwan was dedicated.
  • Oct. 2000: Completion Dense phase pneumatic conveying system testing plant was built.
  • Mar. 2002: Signs the cooperation treaty of alliance with GEC
  • Oct. 2002: QA Obtained ISO-9001 Certification.

No.16, Min-Long Rd., Yang Mei, Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan

No.393, Xingshun Rd, Jiading, Shanghai, China

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